Thursday, 2 Dec 2021


  1. No matter how hard I fight no one is there waiting and I'm okay with that it's just better I make sure I'm safe. Tomorrows plans are really expensive and I'm not sure I can really afford it. With gas prices this high. Better safe than sorry. But I really really wanna see my brothers. They need an head lock from old lerm just cuz I love em even tho I know I'm the weakest link. Wish I had just a little more money. Trying to be responsible. I have goals now. Just not sure what to do. All I know is I miss them guys everyone. Money is just tight. Ugh.

  2. Hay que aclarar algo el pibe de 14 años y la waifu es su madre clonada que en la siguente película clonaron a otra la que vemos hay ya no existe

  3. Yeah, but the ACTUAL third impact and the birth of WILLE are STILL hidden inside of a JJ Abrams Mystery Box just like the backstory for the Disney Trollogy.
    Goddammit Anno.


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